Road Tripping With Kids: @ValInRealLife Cutting Costs on The Road

Road Tripping with Kids 101

Welcome back to Road Tripping with Kids 101 for video two, in which Val discusses Cutting Costs on the Road. For those of you who don’t know her. Val Joiner is the driving force behind, a family travel & outdoor enthusiast blog. She has successfully made several cross-country road trips with her two sons and lived to tell the world about it! I am fortunate enough to count this adventurous & talented mom as one of my good friends. I was able to witness her mad road skillz, first hand, on a whirlwind trip around Florida last December and now I’m bringing some of her collected road tripping wisdom to y’all with this Road Tripping 101 YouTube series.  Watch Part One, where Val introduces us to her kids and what got her started.


Val is currently on the road, again! Don’t miss out on the adventures! You can follow along on her, her facebook page & twitter.


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