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Disc Golf for family fun, bonding & nature connection. #InnovaDiscs Giveaway! #SouthernSummerFun

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Disc Golf InnovaDisc GiveawayAs part of the Southern Summer Bucket List, I’ve partnered with InnovaDiscs to introduce y’all to Disc Golf & offer a giveaway to get you started! Enter the giveaway after reading about our first round of disc golf. It was a total blast and exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

My family and I went out to a Disc Golf course with some knowledgeable relatives. Eve & Dustin joined us for a round of Disc Golf, at a local course, to show us the ropes and get us started in this fun sport. Fortunately, they’ve been collecting InnovaDiscs for many years and had plenty to go around. Dustin explained that there are a wide variety of discs for different playing purposes and, if you advance in skill, you may shop around for different types to better suit your needs & skill level. He informed us that InnovaDiscs offer a wide variety for every player’s need,s from beginner to advanced!

I’ve never really enjoyed throwing discs and I know I’m not one for golf. So, I didn’t have high expectations for this sport that seems to combine two things I don’t really enjoy. But, I was totally wrong. These InnovaDiscs are nothing like their clunky counterparts from my childhood. They’re sleek and specially designed for the sport. The courses are nothing like a traditional golf course. Our first experience was at Oregon Park in Cobb County, Georgia. We traversed a variety of environments throughout the park, during the course of our game; going from wide open fields & rolling hills through patches of trees and alongside a creek. It was like taking a nature walk with the fun twist of a game that added to the dun & discovery. A major part of the fun, for us, was feeling connected with nature, strategically trying to avoid natural obstacles like trees & creeks, and getting in some long distance throws when we came to the field areas.

Disc Golf for FamiliesWe took turns throwing our discs toward the, “baskets,” which take the place of holes in traditional golf. Being our first game, Eve & Dustin suggested we play, “chains.” It’s a modified version of the game to make it a little easier on beginners. As long as the disc touches the basket, it counts as a score. Playing this modified version takes the pressure off of having to get the disc to land in the basket, every time. Although, my youngest was determined to land his discs in the baskets.

I decided to try Disc Golf after seeing my son’s enthusiasm for another disc sport, Ultimate. He has expressed that he enjoys Disc Golf even more than that. So, I think we’ll become regulars around the Disc Golf courses in our area. Luckily, Georgia State Parks has several disc golf courses we can explore. You can learn more about the Georgia State Parks Disc Golf Courses, here. There are several other resources to help you locate a Disc Golf Course near you! Disc Golf Atlanta & for those of you outside our region, Disc Course Review, can help locate courses anywhere.

Now, for the big giveaway! InnovaDiscs and I are giving away a DX Three Pack Disc Set & a Starter Bag. The disc set includes three discs hand-picked for ease of use. You’ll receive a fairway driver for long distances, a mid-range driver and a disc golf putter. InnovaDiscs included a Starter Bag, which will hold up to 7 discs, to store & carry your new set.


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11 thoughts on “Disc Golf for family fun, bonding & nature connection. #InnovaDiscs Giveaway! #SouthernSummerFun

  1. I never heard of disc golf before but it sounds like it would be fun. Thanks for sharing Candy and also thanks for sharing about our state parks!

  2. I’ve seen disc golf courses, but I’ve never played it. In fact, it sounds like there’s a lot more to it than I had thought. I didn’t know they have special drivers. It definitely sounds fun! My kids would love it!

  3. I had heard of disc golf many years ago, but I had no idea it was that fun! Would have tried it sooner if I had known. 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to try this with the fam for a few years. Apparently one of my local parks has a world class disc golf course. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I’m going to have to go and check that out. It sounds like so much fun. I am loving your blog. I always read about new things I could probably do with my family.

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