Cloudland Canyon State Park with Kids

Cloudland Canyon State Park with Kids

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Overnight at Cloudland CanyonCloudland Canyon is second to none when it comes to options for spending the night at a Georgia State Park. Car campers can choose a full-service site, at one of the two modern campgrounds, to park their RV or car-camping setup. Glampers have the option to stay at the private yurt village. For those visitors looking for a little more comfort and luxury, the park has several cottages along the canyon edge.

This trip found us in a yurt on the first night and sleeping in our tent at the West Rim Campground for the second night. However, on our to-do list for the next visit is a hike along the two-mile backcountry trail to choose a more secluded spot.

When I made reservations for camping, I originally chose the East Rim Campground having never seen either. The East Rim campground is a short walk from an interpretive center, several trailheads and a popular overlook. Trying to choose a campsite, with the boys, proved to me that East RCamp at Cloudland Canyonim was the wrong place for us.

The East Rim campsites are packed in tighter than the ones at West Rim Campground. This is ideal for a group or family camping together with campsites in close proximity to one another. For us, though, they were a bit too close for comfort.

We moved our reservation to West Rim campground after making the discovery that the campsites provided a lot more privacy and aren’t packed so tightly together. From the West Rim campground, we jumped on the West Rim Loop Trail via a short access trail!

Wondering what there is to do during your stay at Cloudland Canyon? I’ve hiked all over this park with my sons at different ages and here’s what I have to say about Cloudland’s Best Family Hikes! We’ve also had tons of other family fun & even have a growing to-do list for a return visit. It just seems like there’s never enough time to fit in all the fun, am I right?

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  1. You know what Candy, I’m not a outdoorsy person but you really make me want to become one. You and your family are always on great, educational adventures and this would help my daughters enjoy the outdoors more. They are so worried about bugs and getting dirty since they’re such girly girls.

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