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Where to find us without Facebook in 2015

Find us without facebookYou may not be aware, but it’s no secret to bloggers and brands that facebook is going to make it more difficult for pages to reach their fans in the new year. What it means for you is that many of your favorite pages won’t show up on your timeline, anymore.. unless they pay for advertising. The sad thing about it is that most of my favorite pages have nothing to do with business and aren’t making enough money to validate spending on facebook ads to reach their audience – An audience who already said they want to see updates from the page!

With that said, I will continue to update my friends and fans on facebook via the Happy Trails Wild Tales page. But, you will probably not see it as we move into the new year. Here are some other places you can stay in touch and get updates from Happy Trails Wild Tales.

Subscribe to Trail Mix Digest 
Of all of the ways to stay connected with me, this one is the best. This is my email newsletter. I know it’s scary giving out your email address. But, I promise I’m not interested in spamming your inbox or giving away your email addresses to others. Subscribing means that you’ll probably receive one email a week, from me, detailing anything new that’s happening with Happy Trails Wild Tales. Think of it as having my facebook status delivered to your email once a week.


Twitter @happytrailtales
Although it’s a much different environment than Facebook, I post pretty regularly to twitter. I like twitter because there’s no attempt to stop me from communicating freely with the people who’ve decided they want to hear from me! I am a regular contributor to hashtags like #OutdoorFamilies and #GeorgiaMom.

Instagram @happytrailtales
This photo-sharing platform is another great way to keep in touch with me. However, I think we need to keep in mind that instagram is now owned by facebook and we may see similar restrictions arise as it becomes more inundated with brands and marketers.

Yes, I’m on pinterest and I share lots and lots of valuable content from homeschooling resources to outdoor families, travel and crafts.

I’ll be working on bringing more video content to subscribers as 2015 warms up. Subscribe to the Happy Trails Wild Tales channel and don’t miss a thing.

Finally, my personal facebook account.
I’ve turned on the “followers,” feature of my personal facebook account. This allows fans, who I don’t necessarily know in person, to follow along with my public posts. Following my personal facebook account may keep my updates in your feed better than just liking the page.

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