Nature Craft, Bird Seed Ornaments

Three crafty bird feeders to make for winter

On the third day of Christmas, Mother Nature gave to me…. lots and lots of birds! Feeding birds, in the winter, can help them survive and help you bring nature indoors.

Nature Craft, Bird Seed OrnamentsBird Seed Ornaments
Ever thought of decorating a christmas tree for the birds?
This is an easy project to make some decorations that
the birds will appreciate. A few years ago, we made them
using this recipe and gave them
away as simple gifts.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder CraftPine Cones & Peanut Butter Bird Feeders
The simplest of all bird feeder crafts, any age or
attention span can quickly create these from
Green Child Magazine contributor Jennie Lyon.

Orange Bird Feeder CraftOrange Bird Feeder Craft
Simple and satisfying, these orange bird feeders
from _ add a splash of summer color
to the winter landscape. Learn how
to make them from Sheri Silver.

Don’t forget to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count coming this February.

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