Egg carton and dryer lint fire starters

Two firestarters crafted from recycled material

We’re nearing the end of the 12 Days of Christmas in Nature. We’ve crafted ornaments, learned ways to stay warm, made trail mix and fed the birds… what better way to settle in for winter than relaxing with a toasty fire?

Craft these fire starters using recycled material

Egg carton and dryer lint fire startersEgg Carton & Dryer Lint Fire Starters
Stephanie, at DIY Ready, shows us how to use
this common household garbage for
a practical purpose, starting fires!
[Read how to do it]

Newspaper Fire StarterTwisted Newspaper Fire Starter
Martha Stewart, of course, showcases her
fancy recycled newspaper fire starters
in a basket by the hearth.
[Simple instructions here]

Do you have a favorite fire starter that you craft from recycled materials?

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