Adventuring as Georgia's Official Outdoors Explorer

Adventuring as Georgia’s Official Outdoors Explorer

Adventuring as Georgia's Official Outdoors ExplorerI’m already a bit behind in 2015. Two weeks in and this is my first post of the year! I took some time to reflect on what I learned in 2014 and define some goals for our 2015 adventures. One surprising lesson I learned, on my 3000-mile road trip, is that there truly is no place like home. Georgia is my home.

Georgia’s Official Outdoors Explorer

It’s funny how things work out – just as I was making plans to discover more of my home state, Explore Georgia named me the Official Outdoors Explorer of Georgia. What an honor to be working with Explore Georgia as I set out on adventures across Georgia’s diverse landscapes. The Georgia Explorer program, launching later this month, includes several of Georgia’s favorite travel experts.. I count one of the experts, Lesli Peterson, among my best friends.

There are three major adventures I’ll be embarking on this year.

Camping Georgia

Camping in the Rain
We’ll be making camp, at least once a month, for the entire year. We came close in 2014, without even realizing it. The fact that Georgia has some amazing campgrounds really makes this easier. But, this isn’t just about car camping. We’ll explore the backcountry at campsites only accessible by hiking or paddling! Camping once a month will help us discover new places, learn more about our state and connect with nature as a family.


Muddy Spokes, Canyon Climbers and Park Paddlers

on the Mountain Bike Trail
We’re joining all three of the Georgia State Parks activity clubs. Each club will lead us to state parks where we complete activities. The activities include mountain biking, paddling kayaks or canoes, and climbing canyons all over the state. It’s easy to join, just visit a participating park. When we’ve met the requirements for each, we receive commemorative t-shirts to celebrate our accomplishment. Learn more about the activity clubs on the Georgia State Parks website.


Georgia Master Naturalist

Fishing at BOW
Georgia Master Naturalist is an environmental education program developed by the UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Participants explore local habitats and ecosystems to gain a better understanding of natural environments in Georgia.

I am completing the course to earn my certification. This will really help me learn more about Georgia’s outdoor spaces and enable me to share more of my passion with others through volunteer work.


As you can see, from our “Year in Photos,” below, we’re expanding on the things we learned on our travels in 2014. This year is about broadening horizons closer to home.

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    1. Tracy, I only know of a few places offering the course. Chattahoochee Nature Center is the closest to my house. I will probably do it there.

  1. Candy, Congratulations! you are the perfect person for the outdoor expert. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. My boys and I did the Canyon Climbers, it was lots of fun. FYI – when I clicked on the video, it said it was unavailable.

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