Atlanta's Most Amazing Hike Monadnock Madness

Atlanta Georgia Trails – Monadnock Madness

Atlanta's Most Amazing Hike Monadnock Madness
Taking steps, one after another. It’s what hikers do. It’s what I’ve done, millions of times, over the course of my 30 years exploring the first two-thirds of Atlanta’s most amazing hike. In fact, the first leg of the hike is so popular that it draws millions of visitors, and countless footsteps, each year. Hikers come, with their friends and family, to explore the great granite mountain of Georgia. Stone Mountain is a special mountain, different from what you’ll find just a few hours north. It’s called amonadnock.Monadnocks are a geologic oddity, formed under the earth by massive blobs of lava and revealed by millions of years of erosion. We have three in Metro Atlanta.REGISTER FOR A MONADNOCK MADNESS TRIPLE HIKE CHALLENGE, MARCH 2015!

Each of our three monadnocks are enriched with their own history, natural beauty and summit trails leading hikers to incredible views. Each one leaves a unique impression on us. Together, these three trails form the Triple Hike Challenge of Monadnock Madness and weave a story so compelling that it will impact every step you take.


Monadnock Madness is an annual event happening every March. Hikers earn commemorative souvenirs for completing the three summit trails. You can hike them all the same day or scatter them throughout the month. However you choose to do it, know that there is a method to the madness! Begin your journey, hiking to the top of Stone Mountain Park. Continue, the hike, along the treasured trail leading to the top of Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. For the breathtaking grand finale, join the naturalist, hiking a protected trail to the top of Panola Mountain State Park.

This carefully crafted, and unforgettable, experience has changed the way I view my relationship with the sacred nature of planet Earth. I honestly can’t name any hike more important, or more beautiful, crowning Monadnock Madness as Atlanta’s most amazing hike.

This video playlist shows clips from all three of the Monadnock Madness trails!

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