Things to do outdoors in Georgia March 2015

Georgia Outdoor Activities and Fun, March 2015

Things to do outdoors in Georgia March 2015
Spring is in the air and I want to make sure you get outside and explore Georgia. With the warmer weather moving in, Georgia outdoor recreation is blooming! There is no shortage of fun activities in Georgia and the Georgia State Parks events are sure to get you off the couch. Use this guide to plan your adventures this March. [Below the video, you’ll find text and links to events!]

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Georgia Hiking

Kick off Georgia hiking season with Atlanta’s most amazing hike. It’s called Monadnock Madness and it’s a brilliant combination of three glorious trails that will leave you in awe. Monadnock Madness takes hikers to the tops of Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain for an unforgettable experience. Although you can choose to schedule the hikes throughout the month, I highly recommend joining the Triple Hike Challenge for the best experience. Click here to find out why I recommend Monadnock Madness as Atlanta’s most amazing hike, or just find out for yourself by registering for the event on the Monadnock Madness website.

Georgia Hiking Monadnock Madness

Georgia Outdoor Recreation & Georgia State Parks Events

March 5 – 8, 2015

Things to do outdoors in Georgia
Tallulah Gorge
Credit: Lesli Peterson

Date Night!
Take a hike by the light of the full moon at Tallulah Gorge State Park, Mar 5 & 6!

Date Night! There’s a full moon, March 6. Come hike to the ruins at Sweetwater Creek State Park!

Date Night! Paddle a canoe under the stars at Georgia L Smith State Park, March 6.

Explore! Get off the trail and hike to hidden granite outcrops at Chattahoochee Bend State Park, March 7.

Kids! Let’s go fly a kite! Kite Rally at Florence Marina State Park, March 7

Muddy Spokes! Pedal 16 miles of Panola & Arabia, March 7. Park Rangers point out nature & historic sites.

Explore! Discover the history of Okefenokee touring Billy’s Island at Stephen C Foster State Park, March 7, 15, 21, 28

Experience! Join astronomers, March 7 & 21,  at the darkest skies in Georgia for a look at the the stars!

Education! Historic Hike focuses on Native American Heritage at Sweetwater Creek State Park on Sun, Mar 8


March 14 – 15

Things to do outdoors in Georgia Kayaking
Kayaking Sweetwater

Experience! Kayaking the salt marsh is an unforgettable experience. Come explore at Crooked River State Park Mar 14!

Experience! Lake paddle at Sweetwater Creek! Great place to practice canoe and kayak. Mar 14

Experience! Okefenokee is one of my favorite places! Take the Billy’s Island Tour to learn more about the swamp & people. Mar 15, 21, 28

Education! Amazing Photo Opp! Learn landscape, macro and wildlife photography at 3 metro atl mountains!! This is a Monadnock Madness Triple Hike Challenge! March 15

Explore! Get off the trail with a geologist for in-depth looks at Sweetwater Creek’s geology. Mar 15

Education! It’s time to learn about the snakes you may encounter while hiking Georgia, Sweetwater Creek State Park March 15!


March 20 – 21

Things to do outdoors in Georgia Mountain Bike
Georgia Mountain Biking

Date Night! Brilliant stargazing by Kayaking under a new moon at Hard Labor Creek State Park Mar 20, 21

Muddy Spokes! Attn Mountain Bikers: Come race the Dirty Spokes Off-road Duathlon at Ft Yargo Mar 21!

Education! Join Atlanta Audubon for a beginners look at our local birds at Hard Labor Creek State Park Mar 21

Experience! Climb trees with the experts and explore the canopy at Panola Mountain State Park, for beginners, Mar 21

Experience! Get outside for Atlanta’s Most Amazing Hike – Monadnock Madness Mar 21,

Experience!  Go see Okefenokee on a Billy’s Island Tour & learn about our favorite Georgia Swamp, March 21, 28.

Date Night! Stargazing at its best, with astronmers and high-powered telescopes at Stephen Foster State Park, Mar 21

Experience! Get up close Sweetwater’s famous ruins on one of the most popular hikes in ATL, March 21, 28.

Date night! Sweetwater Creek, and the impressive New Manchester Ruins, by candlelight, Mar 21!


March 25 – 31

Things to do outdoors in Georgia Okefenokee
Tour Okefenokee Swamp

Education! Georgia Homeschool Opp: Learn Natural Science in nature at Hard Labor Creek State Park Mar 25

Education! Walk Fort Yargo SP with Atlanta Audubon in search of woodpeckers and wading birds! Mar 27.

Education! Be prepared! Learn the gear you need to stay safe hiking and backpacking. Chattahoochee Bend, Mar 28

Experience! Monadnock Madness combines 3 trails to create Atlanta’s Most amazing hike! Experience it March 28

Education! Geology Day is the perfect day to explore Providence Canyon and learn about the land. Mar 28,

Experience! Beat the heat to Okefenokee by exploring Billy’s Island, March 28!

Experience! Another hike of Sweetwater’s History Trail? Don’t mind if I do! Mar 28

Experience! Give Kayaking a chance, March 28! I promise you won’t tip over. Sweetwater is perfect for this.

Date Night! Kayaing at twilight on the lake at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Mar 28

Experience! Salt marsh kayaking is amazing. Give it a go at Crooked River State Park, Mar 31

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