Rock & Sock Creature Kit

Rock & Sock Creature Kits

Rock & Sock Creature Kit
Rock & Sock Creature Kit

This is a cute little gift that most crafty mommas could throw together in a few minutes. A Rock & Sock creature kit is a collection of scraps and supplies you need to create a sock puppet & a pet rock.

Some ideas of things to include in the kit!!

A sock (or two)
A cool rock
Ribbon, Felt & Fabric Scraps, Yarn
Googly Eyes, Buttons, Thread
Pom Poms
Paint & Glue (if you’re not sure they are available)
Mouthpiece Template

The mouthpiece template is optional.. but, for those of you who would like a sturdier, more defined mouth for the puppet… print this template, cut it out & glue it inside the sock.

Sock Puppet Mouthpiece


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