Jekyll Island - A Budget Friendly Educational Family Vacation

Jekyll Island as an Educational Family Vacation

Jekyll Island - A Budget Friendly Educational Family VacationA year into our decision to homeschool, the world itself was opening up as an educational experience. My son had shown a passionate interest in turtles from a very young age. I decided to center our entire family vacation around that interest by heading to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center at Jekyll Island, Georgia.

I wrote all about the educational value of a trip to Jekyll Island over on Travel. But, before you read that – add these five things you should take on your Jekyll Island vacation that you might not think about!

1. Binoculars – The birding on Jekyll is fantastic. Along their many hiking trails are quite a few birding overlooks where you can identify birds on the salt marsh.

2. Night vision – You can pick up some cheap night vision “binoculars,” in your local toy department, these days. They’re a great addition to a Jekyll vacation as they will greatly improve your ability to see wildlife after dark.

3. Bikes – Many families opt to ride their bikes between beaches and trails. There are even bike racks at many locations that allow you to lock up your bike for security while you’re playing on the beach or birding.

4. Kites – I’m adding this because it didn’t occur to me on our first trip that it would be a good idea. But, it was an excellent idea. The beach provides a near constant breeze much of the time and eliminates the frustration we suffer while trying to fly the larger kites at home.

5. Red cellophane or Red filters for your flashlights – Take something red, but translucent, to cover the bulb of your flashlight for night time walks on the beach. Sea turtles are drawn to the lights from flashlights. So, for their safety and respect of their habitat, it’s recommended that you use RED LIGHT to get around after dark!

Now, enjoy the other tips and recommendations for a Jekyll Island Vacation at Homeschool Travel.

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4 thoughts on “Jekyll Island as an Educational Family Vacation

  1. This is absolutely fabulous! I have never ever thought about taking a homeschool vacation. WOW. It looks so beautiful and what a great idea! I am featuring this post!

    Plus, I really love the idea of taking a vacation! Haha!

    Thanks so much for sharing this on the #homeschoollinkup!

    1. Lisa, thank you so much! I have done a couple homeschool vacations since that first one and they are the BEST vacations, ever.

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