Junior Ranger Programs in National & State Parks around the South

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rambleTennessee State Parks Junior Rangers

Meet Ramble, the official mascot of the Tennessee Junior Ranger program. You can even find him on Facebook & Twitter for gentle reminders of upcoming Junior Ranger events in Tennessee State Parks.

The official website asks, “Do you like fun and adventure? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Are you ages 6-14?” Then offers methods for beginning your Junior Ranger journey.. You can stop by a participating state park and pick up a, “Get Outdoors Adventure Guide,” or download it online.

The events calendar for Tennessee’s Junior Ranger program is chock full of summertime camps that kickoff June 2nd. So, head to the official website and get more information on registering your child.


Choose the State Park system that you’re interested in and discover more about their amazing Junior Ranger Programs: National | Georgia | Florida | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee

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