Junior Ranger Programs in National & State Parks around the South

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Florida State Parks Junior Rangers

To find info about Florida’s program, you have to dig a little deeper. There doesn’t seem to be any official page devoted to the Junior Ranger program. But, if you visit the event listings, you’ll discover there is a Junior Ranger program after all.

I found self-guided  Junior Ranger programs listed for Amelia Island State Park (download PDF), Big Talbot Island State Park, Blue Springs State Park (download PDF), and several more. You can download the booklets & print or pick them up, at the parks, during your visit. I used the find feature (CTRL+F) of the Chrome browser to locate the word, “junior,” among all the other events listed here.

I hope you find one near you.

Choose the State Park system that you’re interested in and discover more about their amazing Junior Ranger Programs: National | Georgia | Florida | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee

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