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Eight ways to bring nature indoors

On the 8th day of Christmas, Mother Nature…. came inside? – See the other 12 Days of Christmas in Nature

I actually have quite a few friends and followers of the indoor variety. The cold, the bustle, and random sick days can put a damper on outdoor play. In response to all of those having a hard time getting out and about in nature during the cold, I suggest you bring her inside.

Invite nature inside

Most houses have windows. If yours doesn’t, you’re either a prepper living in a bunker or something went horribly wrong during construction. During times when you can’t get outside, windows are your best friend. Let the natural light shine with these ideas.

charlieelliott-wildlifecenter-birdwatchingWindow bird watching
Hang some bird feeders outside
around windows with a sitting area.
Keep a bird identification book and some
binoculars handy!
This is something I do every winter.
I hang feeders directly on the windows using suction cup feeders.
I have never had a bird fly into the windows.

Bring nature indoors with a window hammockWindow reading nook
Create a cozy reading space
near a window. Bonus points
if you have room to hang a hammock
for some super chill vibes.

Offer sights and sounds of nature for indoor enjoyment

Nature photography
Frame and hang some fave scenes
from nature at eye-level for your children.
Often, when decorating, we forget their
perspective is different from our own.

Play nature recordings
It may seem cheesy, but those recordings
of waves crashing on the beach, gentle rain
and the humming insects of summer can
really make a difference.

Nature Documentaries
These are a great way to broaden horizons,
learn something new and make plans for
exploring the new year! There are
actually quite a few awesome
documentaries on netflix and youtube.

Yes, plants have a place in the home

Make a terrariumMake a terrarium
Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes.
They can also be simple or complex.
However you go about it, terrariums help
bring nature inside.
DIY instructions from Don’t Mess With Mama


Plant an indoor gardenIndoor gardening
You have many choices, with an indoor garden.
Probably more than you imagine.
Rock or Zen Gardens, Air plants
and houseplants that defy even the
brownest thumb are a few options.
-Photo credit and instructions for mason jar herb garden, Camille Styles

Decorate with Nature


Winter Nature TableNature Table
Clear a tabletop and dedicate
it to putting nature on display.
All of those “treasures,” the
little ones pocket? Yes, they
belong on the nature table.
Winter Nature Table – The Laughing Monkey

12 Homemade Ornaments from NatureOrnaments made from nature
On the 12th day of Christmas,
I suggested making ornaments
with items from nature.

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  1. We try to get outside every day, but when one child is very sick, it’s hard to do much. We watch the bunny in the back yard (there’s a resident wild bunny that lives under our spruce tree), play in the yard for a bit, and do a lot of crafts. Might start putting bird feeders out to get the birds to visit more often. : )

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