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Rock & Sock Creature Kit

Rock & Sock Creature Kits

This is a cute little gift that most crafty mommas could throw together in a few minutes. A Rock & Sock creature kit is a collection of scraps and supplies you need to create aContinue reading

Do It Yourself Marshmallow Wars!

Marshmallow Shooters & Catapults are an excellent, inexpensive substitute for Nerf guns! First, I made this label for the package. It is designed to print in portrait style on a 4×6 sheet of photo paper.Continue reading

Homemade Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift Boxes Template

Make your own small gift boxes using cardstock & this printable template. This template is blank, so you can decorate the outside by painting, drawing, or stamping it. But, it’s really just a template soContinue reading

Geology dig Kit

Homemade Geology Dig Kit

This is an easy gift to make for a rockhound or fossil hunter on your list!! My son recently purchased a $15 “Rock & Gems Dig” Kit from Smithsonian. It was lame and he wasContinue reading